Tasty little fish with big nutritional benefits

Wild Planet Sardines Variety Kit (24 cans)

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1 Bottle

Sardines are one of the best heart-healthy foods you can eat. Sardines contain coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, and restores your youthful vitality. Another benefit is that sardines contain vitamin D and calcium, which are necessary for bone growth.

Wild Planet cans its sardines fresh, which eliminates the fishy smell and captures the delicate flavors of the sardine. And the cans are both BPA and aluminum free. Once sealed, the fish is cooked (for the first and only time) in the can with its own natural, healthy juices.

Most importantly, Wild Planet goes to great lengths to make sure its sardines are safe. They test every single catch for contaminants, including DDE, DDT, and histamine levels. Plus, sardines are more likely to be lower in mercury than larger ocean-dwelling fish because of their size and diet.

All of Wild Planet’s sardines are so meaty and delicious—you can eat them right out of the can. But they are also easy to cook with—see the recipes below. The Teriyaki Sardines with Rice is superb!

You get three delicious varieties for every palette:

Olive Oil
Spring Water

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