A Heart-Healthy Diet Plan Includes Whole Grains

…Plan? I recommend that you aim for one to two servings of whole grains three to four times a week. One serving is equal to * ¼ to ½ cup steel cut oatmeal * ½ cup cold whole-grain cereal like amaranth, quinoa, and barley * 1 slice multi-grain bread such as ezekiel * 1/4 to 1/2 cup short grain brown rice…

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Treating High Blood Pressure With ACE Inhibitors

…, baked beans, cashews, pecans, Swiss cheese and milk Good food sources of vitamin B6 include: potatoes, bananas, garbanzo beans, chicken breast, oatmeal, pork loin, mackerel, snapper, wheat germ and walnuts Good food sources of magnesium include: avocado, wheat germ, almonds, shredded wheat cereal,…

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