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The Truth About Fish Oil and Other Natural Omega-3 Supplements

…sudden death by 13 percent. They also noted that studies have found that omega-3s can help to lower triglycerides, reduce platelet clumping, lower blood pressure and prevent arrhythmias. The News Overlooks Important Details of This Study on Omega-3 Benefits There are factors of this study that the news…

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3 Holiday Foods You Can Eat in a Heart-Healthy Diet

…, dark chocolate which contains 65% polyphenol-rich cocoa is one of the best desserts you can choose for a heart-healthy diet. It helps to lower blood pressure levels and helps to lower your risk of cardiometabolic disorders. In fact, research shows higher chocolate consumption was linked with a 37%…

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Dr. Stephen Sinatra on the Becker Show

…audience. From metabolic cardiology topics and cardiovascular issues to self-care tips such as healthy-heart nutrition and natural ways to lower blood pressure, I continue to be totally impressed by how much chemistry the three of them have when they get together! For more on Richard and Cindy, visit…

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Heart Healthy Foods Your Cardiologist Should ‘Prescribe’

…Because beets are one of the most heart healthy foods around. They offer a wide array of cardio-protective effects, which include helping to lower blood pressure and reduce homocysteine in the blood. * Avocadoes. If you love guacamole, here’s good news. It’s another great heart healthy food. Avocadoes…

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The Healing Power of Ginger

…before adding ginger to their diets. Now it's your turn: What's your favorite way to eat ginger? You May Also Be Interested In * Foods that Lower Blood Pressure * The Best High Blood Pressure Diet Plan

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