Alzheimer's Disease Prevention: Know Your Risk Factors

…-law's mental status had changed so abruptly that we needed to hospitalize her to rule out a stroke or low heart rate. While she was surprisingly hypertensive on admission and her heart rate low enough to validate a pacemaker, her failing memory has yet to improve since she's been discharged home again…

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally with Nattokinase

…pressure naturally, and find out what dosage is best for optimal health. If you have high blood pressure, chances are your doctor prescribed an anti-hypertensive medication. While they do reduce blood pressure, some of them do so at a high cost when it comes to your health. I prefer to use them only when…

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The Health Benefits of Onions

…disease. Plus, onions contain a very powerful antioxidant called quercetin, which has been shown to significantly reduce high blood pressure in hypertensive patients. In one study, participants took 730 mg of quercetin daily for one month, and the group averaged a solid drop of seven systolic points…

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