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Reducing High Blood Pressure Naturally With Asparagus

…systems. It’s also rich in both vitamin K and folate. Other benefits of asparagus include bolstering antioxidant levels and helping intercept depression, which is a risk factor for heart disease. Now it's your turn: What's your favorite way to cook asparagus? You May Also Be Interested In * Here's…

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The Health Perks of Yoga & An Invite to Kripalu 2013

…make us sick. Over the years I’ve seen yoga help numerous patients with their cardiovascular health, arrhythmias, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, lower back problems, arthritis, and even digestion. Yoga also connects with your body’s energy systems. Its focus on breathing, gentle stretching…

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Budget Tips for Healthy Living

…pressure, blood sugar, weight, and mood. Healthy Living Budget Tip #5: No matter how old you are, yoga benefits the heart, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and many physical ailments. There are many free yoga videos online. Yoga CDs can be re-used over and over again. Some yoga studios offer free classes…

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Pets for Heart Health

During a medical conference lecture I gave years ago, one of the doctors in the audience asked whether I had any experience with the healing benefits of pets. Although I couldn't quantify the degree of benefit, I said that, over the years, many patients have told me how comforting their pets have…

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Give Thanks for Your Heart

…common flu—includes a psychological component. When you think about it, people who are sick certainly feel miserable, and are often angry and depressed. But those who allow themselves to experience positive feelings while going through an illness or other challenge often feel better, get stronger…

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How to Relieve Holiday Stress for a Healthy Heart

…(disordered beating of the heart), and high blood pressure that goes hand in hand with increased alcohol intake over the holidays. Alcohol also exerts a depressant effect that can cause a slowing of brain activity, which lowers your serotonin levels. Plus, as alcohol’s effects wear off, you may feel anxious…

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