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Is It Your Heart, Or Is It Lyme Disease?

…heart issue that turned out to be Lyme disease. She’s not alone. Lyme disease is often called the “great masquerader,” because it can present itself with the symptoms of other diseases—including cardiovascular disease. One of the biggest problems with Lyme disease is that more than 70% of diagnostic…

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Good Vibrations

…and Roy Rife (an American inventor and proponent of time-lapse cinematography). Adam is doing some incredible work with his holistic approach to lyme disease. To my immediate right is Clint Ober, who co-authored the book Earthing with me. He’s taught me an incredible amount about the body and our electromagnetic…

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8 Ways to Prevent Tick-Borne Illnesses

Several years back, my grandson contracted Lyme disease from a tick. He lives in a house on a well-timbered area not far from Lyme, Connecticut—the “birth place” of Lyme disease. My grandson also has an outdoorsy Maine Coon Cat that could bring another source of ticks into their home at any time…

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5 Easy, Natural Cures for the Health Hazards of Summer

…use scented Bounce dryer sheets in your pockets to repel ticks since they don't like the smell. If you do get a tick bite, watch for symptoms of Lyme disease. * Sunburn. After a brief sun exposure of 10-20 minutes or less which is important for vitamin D production, I recommend covering up. If despite…

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Summer Hazard #1: Tick-Borne Illnesses

…you will, of Lyme disease. I was a busy Connecticut-based cardiologist in 1975 when the deer tick was first identified to be the cause of the Great Masquerader, Lyme disease. This spring was a very rough tick season, and despite his vigilance my son-in-law was diagnosed with Lyme disease. If that weren’t…

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What You May Not Know About Naturopathic Medicine

…medical doctor (MD) or osteopathic doctor (DO), a naturopathic doctor (ND) can be your primary care doctor—treating you for everything from Lyme disease to the common cold. In fact, the training a naturopathic doctor goes through is very similar to traditional medical school—requiring a four-year…

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