Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia and PACs

…early beats, PACs can happen randomly, in couplets, in triplets or in foursomes. Four or more PACs in a row are described as a premature atrial tachycardia (PAT) or a supraventicular tach (SVT), as the beats are initiated from “above” the ventricles. A paroxysmal PAT or PSVT means that the burst…

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Intrinsic Cardiac Pacemakers

…intrinsic rate may be called a junctional tachycardia (or "junctional tach") or AV tachycardia (or AV tach). The term tachycardia is used whenever the heart rate exceeds the usual rate for the source of the electrical stimulation. So, a sinus tachycardia exceeds 100 bpm, and a junctional tach is faster…

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Is Your Cell Phone Causing Heart Problems?

…heart region. * Thirty-six percent experienced autonomic vascular crisis: headache, tremor, syncope, brief loss of consciousness (LOC) and had tachycardia (abrupt, rapid heartbeat). * Two people had a heart attack. * One person developed atrial fibrillation. That was 1970. Then, in 2010 Canadian Magda…

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