Stroke Symptoms for Women

…Difficulty speaking and slurred speech, * Vision abnormalities: double vision or loss of vision in visual field on same side for both eyes, * Dizziness; vertigo or * Change in consciousness level. Warning Signs of Stroke in Women Stroke symptoms for women can be less traditional, and tougher to detect. For…

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Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Young Women

…* Shortness of breath * Indigestion, or a feeling that if you could “burp” * Nausea or vomiting * Lightheadedness with exertion, dizziness or vertigo * Disproportionate sweating with activity * Sudden profound fatigue If you have any of these signs and symptoms of a heart attack, don’t shrug them…

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Heart Attack Symptoms in Women: What You Need to Know

…tingling in the jaw, elbow, or arm; throat tightness, shortness of breath; indigestion; nausea or vomiting; lightheadedness with exertion, dizziness, or vertigo; disproportionate sweating with activity; and sudden, profound fatigue. Some women can feel like they just have the flu. * Don’t let your age fool…

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