Share Your Love on Valentine's Day

…following operations: Seven bi-passes, carotid artery, aortic artery, kidney cancer and prostate cancer for which I had radiation 18 years ago. My current PSA is 6.5. "I've also had Bell’s palsy twice [Bell's palsy is a disorder of the nerve that controls movement of the muscles in the face.] The first time…

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The PSA Test Receives a Grade of a “D”—for Its Inaccuracy!

…the PSA (prostate-specific antigen test) should be used to screen men for prostate cancer. They gave its accuracy a dismal grade of a “D” and suggested it should no longer be used as a routine screening test in men. The Task Force cited large epidemiological studies showing a combination of PSA screening…

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Selenium Supplements and Prostate Cancer

…Supplements Selenium is a vital nutrient for the immune system. But if you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer through a biopsy, or have a high PSA score or prostate nodules, I would follow the “precautionary principle”—meaning I would err on the side of safety. Even though the research is…

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