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Quit or Reduce Your Blood Pressure Medication

…medication so they are taking a low dose. * I make sure my patients are exercising to lower blood pressure, keeping their weight down, maintaining a low blood pressure diet, implementing lifestyle changes to reduce blood pressure, remaining faithful to a sensible nutritional supplement regime, and can track…

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Benefits of Yoga: A Powerful Exercise for Your Heart

…from the Slow, Deep Breaths The slow, deep breathing used in yoga helps to: * Calm and relax your body and mind * Relax the arterial walls * Low blood pressure * Slow your heart rate * Enhance your heart rate variability But you don’t need to practice yoga to get some of these same benefits of yoga…

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5 Surprising Heart Disease Risk Factors

…colon dysfunction and the cardiovascular system. They cited “degeneration and weakening of the heart muscle, fatty degeneration of the heart, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, enlargement of the heart, dilation of the aorta, and arteriosclerosis.” If you have an irritable bowel, it's important…

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