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Cardiovascular Benefits of L-Arginine

…involved in maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels. Research has also shown that the health benefits of L-arginine may be helpful for people with high LDL cholesterol levels and for men who suffer from impotence. Here’s a cardiovascular nutrition tip: Good sources of L-arginine include nuts, especially…

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When a Healthy Cholesterol Level Can Go Wrong

…by other factors. It is not an absolute and independent heart risk factor in the same way that high blood pressure is. For more information about high LDL cholesterol levels and other cardiovascular problems, visit www.drsinatra.com.

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Baby Aspirin and Statin Therapy

…instability at the same time—baby aspirin and statin therapy. And, as much as I strongly disagree with the use of statin therapy for treating isolated high LDL cholesterol levels when heart disease is not apparent, I endorse statin therapy in situations where direct measures need to be taken to limit inflammation…

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The Cholesterol Numbers Doctors Should Measure

…particles than HDL-3. * Not all LDL cholesterol is “bad.” As with HDL cholesterol, there are several subtypes of LDL cholesterol. You can have high LDL cholesterol numbers, but if it’s mostly LDL-A—which is a buoyant, fluffy molecule—it’s absolutely harmless unless it’s oxidized. If it's…

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What Causes Coronary Artery Disease?

…cholesterol would have been at the highest risk. But, in this study, not only was elevated C-reactive protein the best indicator of risk, women with high LDL and high C-reactive protein were also at the most risk. This finding is significant, folks, as this study shows once again that LDL cholesterol levels…

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