Treating Low Ejection Fraction

Several months ago, I posted a blog defining ejection fraction. I am thrilled that it has been helpful! I recently had a blog reader ask a great question about low ejection fraction and wanted to post the answer: "I had a heart attack five years ago and a stent placed. All of my blood work is normal…

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What are ACE Inhibitor Drugs?

…Echocardiograms have shown that ACE inhibitor drugs support the left ventricle so that it works more like a healthy heart, improving pumping ability and ejection fraction (the amount of blood pushed forward with each heartbeat). The primary side effects of ACE inhibitor drugs include: * Decreased kidney function…

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Why the Benefits of CoQ10 Can Literally Save Your Life

…treatments for heart health. Many heart failure patients who take CoQ10 experience an improvement in their heart's myocardial contractility (ejection fraction), which translates into reduced symptoms and a better quality of life. In clinical studies, a full 87% of congestive heart failure patients improved…

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