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The Healing Power of Ginger

…which stir up severe nausea in about half the cases. I routinely prescribe ginger tea whenever I work in the coronary care unit at my hospital. Patients who are administered codeine or morphine can also develop nausea. Ginger tea generally helps in those cases as well. How to Get the Healing Benefits of…

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Season Your Way to Better Heart Health

…and chlorophyll for anti-inflammation. 9. Ginger — Ginger is also known as the "poor man's aspirin." It thins blood. It's anti-inflammatory. Ginger tea was used in the coronary care units of Manchester Memorial Hospital several years ago to help alleviate stomach upset and nausea from a heart attack…

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Budget Tips for Healthy Living

…: Drink plenty of clean water and, as an alternative, drink green tea and pomegranate juice, both of which protect against plaque. For variety, ginger tea is a good choice. It acts like a poor man’s aspirin, and helps thin the blood. Healthy Living Budget Tip #4: Regular physical activity. Start with…

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5 Easy, Natural Cures for the Health Hazards of Summer

…a long car ride or boat trip and get nauseous, try ginger. The active ingredients in its essential oils counteract nausea and vomiting. I drank ginger tea while deep-sea fishing in the Kodiak Straits of Alaska and did not experience my usual seasickness. In a pinch, sip ginger ale or another carbonated…

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Drinking Cold Water With Meals? Think Again.

…patients lose weight (though I don’t know of any studies that bear this out). I never drink ice cold drinks with my meals and prefer to sip on hot ginger tea both at meals and throughout the day. Ginger enhances digestion and is a great remedy for nausea. The recipe is simple: Chop up a small piece of…

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8 Health-Boosting Secrets From My Life

…prevent inflammation, allergies, and histamine release. I also take garlic (500—1,000 mg as a supplement, or one clove of fresh garlic), and drink ginger tea. 6. Drink red wine (1–2 glasses once or twice a week), green tea (1-3 cups a day), and water (8–10 glasses per day). 7. Practice detoxification…

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