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A Heart-Healthy Diet Plan Should Include Organic Foods

There's no question that organic foods are an important part of a heart-healthy diet plan. But the popularity of organic food has led to a lot of misrepresentation and clever marketing, making it easy to be fooled about the products you buy. Nothing can stop a local grower from claiming produce is organic…

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5 Food Label Traps and How to Avoid Them

Many of us have been fooled into believing that if a food item is low in calories and fat, it’s healthy. But there are actually a lot of other things you want to watch out for when food shopping. Reading food labels will pay off by helping to avoid what I call food label traps. Food-Label Trap #1.…

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Eating Organic: Don’t be Fooled by the Media Frenzy

…billion dollar enterprise is just twisting the evidence. * First off, the data they used is questionable. The researchers whittled 5,000 articles on organic foods down to 237 they decided were relevant, but only 17 were human studies, and only three had clinical outcomes. The other 223 studies were on nutrient…

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