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4 Medical Tests You Should Get

…vital nutrients, minerals, and fiber and helps to cleanse your colon. No. 3 Medical Test: Exercise stress test: I recommend that any man older than 40 and any woman older than 45 get an exercise stress test before starting an exercise program. This medical test is the best way to make sure your heart is…

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Postoperative Resistance Training

…specialists if you are in rehab. They can evaluate you and tailor and exercise prescription to your individual needs. It may require an exercise stress test if you haven’t had one in a year or more, but the professional guidance is well worth your time. (Plus, your insurance company should pay for it…

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5 Tips for Heart-Healthy and Enjoyable Summer Travel

…opportunity to give you some of my best advice for healthy summer travel. * Before packing your bags, if you have a heart condition and have had a stress test ask your cardiologist for information on your “angina threshold” or the rate pressure product (RPP) at which you developed your angina on that…

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Which Sports Are Heart Safe?

…running a marathon is “safe” per say. Instead, I feel that it’s a good reminder that anyone who is going to run a marathon needs to get a stress test before taking on the challenge. What they also need to tell people is that marathon running causes a tremendous amount of oxidative stress on the…

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Testosterone Levels and Cardiovascular Health

…preferred a non-hormonal approach I liked to raise feeble testosterone levels through a rigorous exercise program. Of course, you should get a stress test first, to determine if your heart can handle the workload. Now it’s your turn: Have you had your testosterone level tested? You May Also Be Interested…

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What To Do After a Heart Attack

…rehabilitation program, ask your M.D. to give you a referral so that your insurance company will cover your attendance. You will need a low level stress test so the cardiologist can write your exercise prescription, and the staff there will teach you how to exercise safely after a heart attack and progress…

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