Reducing Inflammation is the Secret to Weight Loss

…makes it far easier to take off unwanted pounds. So, what’s the best way to do exactly that: Reduce inflammation and take off the pounds? Reducing Inflammation Naturally * Enjoy Often: leafy greens and other colorful vegetables; lentils; berries; citrus fruits; low-fat dairy products; “hot” spices…

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The Secret to Managing Inflammation—for Your Heart & Entire Body

…curcumin in Meriva was 45 times more bioavailable than the curcumin in ordinary turmeric supplements—so it could do its job of significantly reducing inflammation and supporting a healthy CRP level—a critical marker of inflammation and cardiovascular health. Casperome and Meriva are such powerful nutrients…

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High HDL Levels Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

…aging, as well as protecting yourself from a host of issues from diabetes to arthritis and more. In addition to the earlier blog tips for reducing inflammation, remember that moderate aerobic exercise can also help increase your blood levels of HDL cholesterol. Researchers believe that higher HDL cholesterol…

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