Cardiovascular Benefits of L-Arginine

…Research has also shown that the health benefits of L-arginine may be helpful for people with high LDL cholesterol levels and for men who suffer from impotence. Here’s a cardiovascular nutrition tip: Good sources of L-arginine include nuts, especially almonds and peanuts. L-arginine can also be found in…

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The PSA Test Receives a Grade of a “D”—for Its Inaccuracy!

…life for every 1,000 men screened. For many others, an elevated PSA score results in an unnecessary prostate biopsy and treatments that can cause impotency and incontinence. As with all diseases, prevention is your best defense: Switch to a more plant-based, organic diet, and limit your consumption of…

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How to Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels for Better Heart Health

…testosterone levels tested? You May Also Be Interested In * When It Comes to Heart Issues, Mean Can Feel Emotional * Using an L-Arginine Supplement for Impotence Treatment Resources * Muraleedharan V et al. Clinical Endocrinology. * Aversa A et al. IJC Metabolic and Endocrine 2014. 4. 1-3. * Finkle et. al.…

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