Can Your Social Ties Protect You from Heart Disease?

…risk factors for women. After years of training in both Gestalt and bioenergetics psychotherapies, and conducting research for my book Heartbreak and Heart Disease, I am well aware that having strong and healthy emotional ties are good for your heart. Plus, I’ve seen that the heartbreak of longing…

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When It Comes to Heart Issues, Men Can Feel Emotional

…normal. You’ve had your heart touched in a special way. For more on the connection between emotions and the heart, check out my book, Heartbreak and Heart Disease. Now it's your turn: Have you shared this experience? You May Also Be Interested In * Testosterone Levels and Cardiovascular Health * What…

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On the Road with Dr. Sinatra: Summer Workshop at Kripalu Yoga Center

…sure to bring loose clothing for bioenergetics, yoga, and Thai Yoga dyads. You’ll also be gifted with three of Dr Sinatra’s books: Heartbreak and Heart Disease, Metabolic Cardiology, and Earthing. Hope to see you there! REMINDER: You can also enter to win a free trip to Dr. Sinatra's Kripalu Weekend…

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