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5 Heart-Health Facts Your Cardiologist Won’t Tell You

…-reactive protein (CRP), which is a measure of inflammation, puts you at twice the risk of dying from cardiovascular-related problems as those with high cholesterol. Your doctor can order a CRP blood test, and while results may vary by lab you generally want a CRP reading below one. * Driving Your LDL Cholesterol…

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The Great Cholesterol Myth

high cholesterol do not have heart disease. * Recent studies suggest statin drugs are associated with a higher risk of diabetes, which is a major risk factor for heart disease. Dr. Bowden and I agree that while Big Pharmacies are busy raking in over $31 billion annually by selling high-cholesterol

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New Statin Medication Guidelines May Double Use

…cause accelerated coronary artery disease even in those younger than 50. However, there are people with this genetic variant who have extremely high cholesterol levels and live well into their 80s and 90s. It doesn't make sense to treat a high LDL number in the absence of this genetic situation. So this…

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Why “Good” HDL Cholesterol Isn’t Always Good

…HDL, and it elevated blood pressure. What’s the bottom line for you? If you have a family history of heart disease at a young age, or have high cholesterol with confusing results, I urge you to ask your doctor to go beyond a standard lipid panel—and conduct specific testing to dissect your HDL cholesterol…

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Cholesterol Testing and Children: Should Children Take Statin Drugs?

…back, a government panel recommended cholesterol testing for children. Specifically, they stated that all children in the U.S. get screened for high cholesterol by age nine, and younger if they have a family history of heart disease. A debate erupted with critics who felt that this cholesterol testing…

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