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Study Finds Doctors Too Quick to Insert Heart Stents

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: If I’m ever having a heart attack, I want someone to get me to the closest hospital to have an angioplasty/stent procedure performed as soon as possible. Heart stents are simply the best way to improve blood flow to the heart and preserve heart muscle…

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Cardiovascular Benefits of L-Arginine

…receiving from other cardiologists. I have been using this healthy-heart nutrient to support healthy cholesterol levels and healthy arteries in angioplasty patients for years. There’s evidence that regular supplementation with L-arginine benefits supports smooth muscle relaxation within the arterial…

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3 Times Conventional Treatments Trump Alternative Medicine

…lifesaving. Three Times I Don't Recommend Alternative Medicine for Heart Health 1. In any male patient with a history of heart attack, stent, bypass, or angioplasty, and even in male patients who have a high degree of stress with high C-reactive protein levels or those with high coronary calcium scores, statin…

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Are You a Candidate for EECP Therapy?

…For refractory symptoms of angina pectoris that has not responded to medication and metabolic cardiology. * If your arteries are so blocked that angioplasty (PTCA) or coronary artery bypass surgery (CABS or CABG) aren’t options. * If your coronary anatomy failed to improve following PTCA or CABS as…

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Is Taking a Daily Aspirin Right for You?

…disease—is just plain good medicine. I regularly advocate aspirin for those who have known heart disease, such as a history of angina, heart attack, angioplasty or stent procedures, or coronary artery bypass surgery. In these cases, I recommend taking one baby aspirin daily. Yet, even if you have all the…

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EECP for Cardiovascular Health

…your turn: Have you, or someone you know, been helped by EECP? You May Also Be Interested In * Are You a Candidate for EECP Therapy? * Do You Need Angioplasty Surgery?

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