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What is Lp(a) Cholesterol?

…healthy, whatever its functions, they are not thought to be critical. Dr. Sinatra likes to see levels less than 35 nmol/l, according to the Quest Diagnostics standards he usually sees. Here are the usual parameters, depending on how your lab expresses this level: * Desirable: * Borderline risk: 14 - 30…

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What You May Not Know About Naturopathic Medicine

…Doctor? Many naturopathic doctors have access to traditional diagnostic tools such as routine laboratory blood tests, specialty laboratory tests (stool testing, food allergy panels, hormone testing, heavy metal testing, etc.), and diagnostic testing such as x-ray, ultrasound, CT, or MRI. Additionally…

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4 Medical Tests That Could Do More Harm than Good

…lot of questions about before agreeing to have them… 1. Abdominal CT Scan: Many conventional doctors feel the level of radiation present during diagnostic medical imaging tests is minimal and safe. The truth is that a CT scan, particularly that of the abdomen, exposes patients to levels of radiation…

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Is It Your Heart, Or Is It Lyme Disease?

…with the symptoms of other diseases—including cardiovascular disease. One of the biggest problems with Lyme disease is that more than 70% of diagnostic tests come back negative, even if someone has Lyme. So, people often go untreated for years, until the Lyme disease symptoms get so bad that they…

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