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Are Airport Security Scanners Safe?

…Your Exposure From Airport Security Scanners? Recently, when I was headed to the airport for a television shoot to promote my book The Great Cholesterol Myth, I did my usual side step at the security checkpoint in order to opt for the “pat down” instead of walking through the scanner. As I did,…

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The Truth About the Benefits of Vitamins

…-day conference at the annual meeting of the American College of Nutrition. I was on hand to present my take on another hot potato: the great cholesterol myth, but I stayed an extra day to attend the full symposium on the benefits of vitamins. What makes the issue so confusing is that the research on…

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The Most Important Cholesterol Ratio to Watch

…considered a good ratio, but I don’t like to see a blood lipids ratio that’s over 5:1. (Learn more about this ratio in my book, The Great Cholesterol Myth.) If Your Ratio of Triglycerides to HDL Cholesterol is High, How Can You Lower It? One of the most powerful solutions I’ve found for promoting…

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For Heart-Healthy Eating, Up Fats & Reduce Carbs

…book The Great Cholesterol Myth know that sugar, not fats (including saturated fats), is the real demon in heart disease. But putting that advice into action for heart-healthy eating can be challenging, which is why my co-author Dr. Jonny Bowden and I created The Great Cholesterol Myth Cookbook. This…

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The Health Perks of Yoga & An Invite to Kripalu 2013

…yoga instructor, will also be contributing to the workshop. During this weekend I will also be sharing insights from my latest book, The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease—and the Statin-Free Plan That Will. We will also explore the phenomenology around…

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