Plaque Buildup and Peripheral Artery Disease

…surgery in peripheral artery disease treatment. A Different Tack for Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment Instead of drugs or invasive therapies, I focus on the muscle cells and how to get rid of their metabolic by-products, which become increasingly toxic because of the peripheral artery disease treatment…

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Vitamin K2 Supports Healthy Circulation

…effect of your medications. Now it's your turn: Do you take vitamin K2? You May Also Be Interested In * What Your Feet Say About Your Heart: Peripheral Artery Disease 101 * How to Reduce High Blood Pressure, Naturally

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Warming Up When Your Hands and Feet Are Always Cold

…various pulse points in the extremities, I generally found that what causes cold hands and feet could often be a number of things, from peripheral artery disease, to diabetes and Raynaud’s syndrome. How to Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm * Take the “awesome foursome” which can make a real difference…

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