San Francisco To Pass Cell Phone Law

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If you have been reading Dr. Sinatra's newsletters, e-letters, and blogs, you have been hearing his warnings about wireless communications and electro-pollution for over a year. And, most likely, you won’t be surprised to know that our family and friends are now feeding back to us breaking stories that they read elsewhere about the dangers of radiation, cell phone technologies, WiFi, and so on.  (For those of you who might have missed them, you can check out blogs from December 2009 to start catching up.)

Over the past few weeks, Dr. Sinatra and I received some notable emails—all within a few hours of one another. Several were about upcoming California legislation that would mandate some disclosure from cell phone manufacturers. The news is spreading like wild fire, and even our state leaders in California and Maine are finally clamoring alongside our Canadian neighbors, the Australians, the Europeans, and others to insist that we learn more about potential hazards, and place limits on technology.

Hopefully, this week will see San Francisco pass a law forcing cell phone manufacturers to identify the level or amount of radiation the cell phone emits. This includes the phone’s Specific Absorption Rate  or SAR value, an indicator of how much radiation is given off by a cell phone device.

Caution: Even if you are using a cell phone with a low SAR value, they are still toxic at a base level and need to be used mindfully.

Citizens for Safe Technology

We were also emailed some info about a Collingwood, Ontario, school and some real parental concerns after WiFi was installed there. Click here to see and hear their genuine concerns for their kids.

Another great resource for those of you looking to begin to understand the scope of the problem is Citizens for Safe Technology, a nonprofit society of professionals—scientists, lawyers, business professionals, politicians, and educators—along with parents and grandparents who are concerned about our exposures to wireless technologies. On the home page, you can link to a May 2007 warning about wireless in our schools aired on the BBC.

Note: You can skip the video ahead almost three minutes to avoid commercials.

Radiation Education

For great advice on cell phones and Wifi and why these technologies can be so dangerous for our kids, I highly recommend you get someone else's take on it. Visit Radiation Education, yet another Web site emailed to us by our son Drew, who is a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. It's all about "EMR safety for kids" in his new home of White Rock, Canada. Please check it out and pass it on to all the "kids" you know—young and old!

For more information on cardiovascular problems and other health conditions, visit

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