Remembering the Freedom for Which It Stands

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Remembering the Freedom for Which It StandsWhen I was growing up, there were flags flying from the porches of every house in the neighborhood on July 4th. I still see this today and the image never fails to touch my heart.

Flags flying on porches, others drawn by children and taped to screen doors, patches of the flag on Boy Scout uniforms, on pins stuck to the chests of military veterans, held aloft by families marching in small-town parades. Pride and patriotism. The wonders of this land of opportunity are imbedded in Old Glory for all the world to see.    

There are so many ways to celebrate the Fourth of July and over the years Jan and I have enjoyed them all–picnics, family gatherings, block parties, barbeques, parades, and of course, fireworks. The special joy of July 4th is that each city, each town, and each family has its own unique traditions.

I encourage you to celebrate this July 4th, but to always remember in your hearts what it is you are celebrating. July 4th is the birthday of our nation—a nation steeped in independence—a foundation that we fiercely protect and defend to this day. You and your family, Jan and I and our family, are all blessed to live in America—a land of true opportunity and freedom.

And on this day – a birthday - we do not sing “Happy Birthday” and cut the cake. Instead, on America’s birthday we as a nation rise and sing our National Anthem as we look around us and see what a great and glorious country we are fortunate enough to live in. 

Now it’s your turn: What are you doing this 4th of July?

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