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Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Integrative Cardiologist Every Sunday on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I like to post an inspiring or interesting quote, usually heart health- or medicine-themed, and I love the feedback I get from readers. I also enjoy sharing some of the more memorable comments. 

For example, several people took issue with this quote that I posted a week or two ago:
“‎In illness the physician is a father; in convalescence, a friend; when health is restored, he is a guardian.” —Brahmanic saying
Unfortunately, it seems many have had bad experiences with conventional doctors who may prescribe drugs unnecessarily, or do not spend enough time with their patients, or refuse to consider complementary and alternative therapies. 
Here’s some of the feedback I received: 
“Sorry but that statement is so far out in left field it’s not even funny. Doctors today do MORE HARM then good…”
“Great saying but very inappropriate for these trying times in the medical world…”
“This Brahmanic saying is how things should be, but unfortunately it’s not. Although, I ONCE found a wonderful physician (and I know there are more out there somewhere!)...”
Although the intimate, personalized care described in the Brahmanic quote may be a bit of a stretch for any practitioner, I’m happy to report that, like the third commenter stated, there ARE other wonderful physicians out there that strive to treat patients like people, and treat the cause of their illness—not just mask the symptoms. The trick is finding them. 
One great resource is the American College for Advancement in Medicine. ACAM is a non-profit corporation that works to educate healthcare professionals on complementary and alternative medical treatments, and focuses on disease prevention and holistic wellness. On the site is a physician finder tool that you can use to search for integrative practitioners near you. 

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