Preventing Arrhythmia

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There are many lifestyle choices you can make to help prevent arrhythmia. A few basic ones preventing arrhythmiainclude:

  • Avoiding exposure to triggers like caffeine, sugar, and alcohol intake.
  • Taking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy if you are a menopausal or perimenopausal.
  • Limiting time spent on wireless technologies (use an ethernet cable on your home and work computers, not WiFi).
  • Staying under a physician’s care if you have congesetive heart failure or cardiomyopathy.
  • Using stress reduction techniques, such as prayer, meditation, yoga, etc to calm your autonomic nervous system.

Additionally, there are several supplements that are very effective for straightening out heartbeat irregularities. For otherwise healthy people, the best one-two combination to suppress skipped heartbeats are daily doses of magnesium (200–400 mg) and CoQ10 (180 mg).

They are magic! I get irregular heartbeats when at altitude in Colorado, and these supplements—along with avoiding triggers like caffeine and alcohol—really help!

I also suggest adding fish or squid oil (1–2 grams a day), broad spectrum L-carnitine (1–3 grams daily), and D- ribose (5–10 grams a day). People with high blood pressure levels should gear toward the higher amounts.


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