Dear Dr. Sinatra,

I knew I’d save money by switching to Omega Q Plus, but the real payoff came 6 weeks later, when I saw my doctor.

She’s absolutely thrilled with my blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. And I’m thrilled that I did it all naturally.

I have a family history of heart disease, so I was already taking fish oil. I was taking CoQ10 too, and spending a fortune for both. Even discount brands at my warehouse club were costing me close to $54 a month. So Omega Q Plus was a smart buy for the savings alone.

But the best news came from my doctor, weeks after I switched. She took my blood pressure, ran the usual blood tests, and the results stunned us. Here are the highlights.

  • check My systolic blood pressure was 120, where she and I both wanted it.
  • check My cholesterol came in just about perfect. Total cholesterol 160, and she said my ratios
         were fantastic.
  • check My HDL cholesterol levels were so great, my doctor said, “We’re not even going to worry
         about the bad stuff.”
  • check My triglycerides were super-healthy, too. My doctor and I pay special attention to these.

So what’s not to love! Please, Dr. Sinatra, use my story to help convince others to try Omega Q Plus. It’s not just a big money-saver. In 6 weeks, it truly changed my life.

Thank you so much,
Polly P., age 74
South Carolina

P.S. Just went back to my doctor for another blood pressure reading. Now it’s 106.
Can’t get better than that!