Options in Treatment for High Blood Pressure

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Options in Treatment for High Blood Pressure

I’ve had persistent high blood pressure for the past five years. I’m taking fish oil, CoQ10 and magnesium, but I can’t seem to budge my blood pressure reading. I’m 55 years old, 6’3”, and 230 pounds. Any suggestions in treatment for my high blood pressure?

It sounds like you’re on a suitable—but not quite ideal—supplement regimen to lower blood pressure. Try adding daily doses of garlic, hawthorn and nattokinase, as these supplements are great treatments for high blood pressure. Get all the details on dosages for these and a few other supplements that help lower blood pressure.

In addition, if you could lose just 10 pounds, it will help you realize the drop in your blood pressure reading that you’re looking for. natural treatment for high blood pressure, and losing even a small amount of weight has a big impact. A simple way to start a weight-loss program is to walk for half an hour each day. I would also recommend that you avoid consuming excess processed salt, a prominent ingredient in pre-packaged foods and that you explore meditation or some other form of relaxation.

If you do follow all of these treatments for high blood pressure and it remains elevated, you will probably need a prescription medication to bring it back into the healthy range. I encourage you to continue making nutrition and lifestyle changes, but be open to working with your doctor on this problem.

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