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Talking Heart, Health, and Nutrition With Our Subscribers

I want to extend my personal gratitude to all of you who turned out for Dr. Sinatra’s September 25, 2010 subscriber session at the Irvine Marriot in Irvine, CA.  There are plenty of great ways to spend a precious Saturday morning—especially out of doors in sunny southern California—so it was a boon to our day to have you there!

You know, writing the Heart, Health, & Nutrition newsletter every month keeps us abreast of the latest in cardiology.  When Dr. Sinatra hears of a cutting edge way to prevent heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, or what have you, he tracks down the story. He sleuths it out and gets the details so he can bring it straight to his monthly readers.

Dr. Sinatra has been doing that for 15 years now. And, more often than not, he shares his own tried and true way of treating heart patients, and getting results. Thirty years of experience has taught him many things he can share.

But working by phone and computers does leave a small void for us. That “face time” element to caring for others is something that we both miss. Working with a publishing team—even one as great as ours—is not the same as being in person with our patients in the office, or at the hospital, as we both did for years. So, the subscriber sessions are a great “fix” for us too. 

During these sessions, we get to meet the people who actually read the monthly newsletters, which brings a real sense of meaning and connectedness to us. It makes us feel like we aren’t communicating in a one-way vacuum.

More importantly, Dr. Sinatra and I get to hear what’s on your minds, and that actually influences future newsletter topics.

See, during the first half hour or so of a session, Dr. Sinatra will talk to the group about whatever is on his mind at the time—usually a current healthcare issue. The rest of the session is an open question and answer format—an opportunity for folks to have access to Dr. Sinatra and get to know him better in the bargain.

Subscribers can put their questions in writing should they prefer anonymity, or step up to the microphone in the aisle for a more dynamic exchange.

I must say, the banter back and forth with questions often leads to answers that many other people in the audience need to hear as well. And the further discussion that ensues can engage more than one person at a time.

And, of course, laughter is always a big part of the morning as well. Whether the humor comes from Dr. Sinatra or from the folks in active discussion with him, the sessions are always lively and fun. And, our subscribers are so well read, and so savvy, that they bring new products or ideas to us.

These free sessions started out as Dr. Sinatra’s way of giving something back to people who’d been following his newsletters, as well as getting feedback about concerns we may not be addressing enough. Little did we plan how much we would feel nurtured by them ourselves.

I love my spot in the back of the room where I watch it all unfold. Each session, I am touched by those who come back there to share with me how much my husband’s advice has helped them and changed their lives. Some of them share with the group, too, how the medical advice he had given in the newsletter—or even an earlier subscriber session—has lowered their blood pressure levels, calmed their irregular heartbeats, helped get their energy and their life back on track, and so on.

Our hearts were especially touched by a couple who had traveled all the way from Vancouver, BC, to attend the session.

Usually, word of an upcoming subscriber session appears in the monthly newsletter, but in the future, we will be announcing them in the blog and on the Web site as well. And you don’t have to be a subscriber to attend. Just come on down! We’d love to see you.

For more information on subscriber sessions or advice on preventing cardiovascular problems, visit Dr. Sinatra’s Web site.

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