On the Road with Dr. Sinatra: The A4M Conference

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Well, it's that time of year again, and while there may be "sleigh bells ringing" for some of us, Dr. Stephen SinatraDecember is the month that Dr. Sinatra makes his annual trek to Las Vegas to speak at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Conference, affectionately known as the A4M. They are held throughout the year at various cities.

One thing Dr. Sinatra appreciates about the A4M meetings is that he has the opportunity to network with so many like-minded MDs, naturopaths, and other holistic health practitioners who are always looking to learn breaking new ideas that they can take back to their patients. He has acquired many colleagues and personal friends at this conference over the many years.

For many practitioners, the A4M provides the first conference they will have attended to broaden their view on how to treat patients more holistically. Dr. Sinatra recently spoke with one such accomplished physician just a couple of weeks ago.

The physician (who's a lung specialist) was expressing his frustration that there must be more he could do to prevent folks from all the relapsing and suffering he sees—something more preventative.  Just like cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure levels, diabetes, and other conditions, many lung disorders can be chronic and debilitating. And just like heart disease, there are so many adjunctive "alternative medicine" treatments that can help.

Dr. Sinatra encouraged that doctor join him; to take a risk and attend conferences like this one to learn how to do just that—go to another level in helping to heal others.

For the first couple of days of the conference, Dr. Sinatra will be networking and learning about cutting edge research findings from his contemporaries. On Thursday, Dr. Sinatra will be one of several faculty instructing their audience in the theory, physics, and science behind energy medicine, and new technological strategies for health promotion. It promises to be an exciting day, and if there are any videos of Dr. Sinatra we can share with you from that multi-day meeting, I'll be sure to let you know here and on Dr. Sinatra's Facebook page.

Then, on Friday, December 10th, he will follow keynote speaker Suzanne Somers and present his own discussion on vibrational medicine for the main session gathering. 

For more information about Dr. Sinatra and his approach to natural therapies for cardiovascular problems, visit his Web site.

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