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It’s been over two decades since Dr. Sinatra has done a workshop program that is open to the Dr. Sinatra summer workshop at Kripalu Institutepublic, but the folks at Kripalu Yoga Center requested he come there and he’s responded affirmatively. 

So, this July 29–31 we will be at Kripalu in the enchanting town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, which is nestled in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. The weekend promises to be a special one for anyone interested in cardiovascular health, and a first-hand experience of Dr. Sinatra. What a setting in which to learn—and to meander in between sessions!

The program will include lecture segments with Dr. Sinatra on topics such as how our emotions affect our health, metabolic cardiology, and what “vibrational medicine” is all about. He will be guiding gentle exercise sessions that help move through emotional blocks utilizing techniques he learned from his training in bioenergetic psychotherapy.

I will be there too, as well as our personal Thai massage and yoga practitioner Liza Doussan, who will lead us in yoga sessions and Thai yoga dyads designed to improve energy flow in the body. (She is very special!)

Dr. Sinatra has been a firm believer in the mind-body-spirit connection since the early 1980s, when he trained in Gestalt and bioenergetic psychotherapies to learn more about himself and be better able to help his patients. He recognized how our emotions, behaviors, and lifestyles contributed to heart disease.

Seeing the need to partner with his patients, Dr. Sinatra started facilitating evening and weekend workshops. He taught folks to recognize how stress was affecting their hearts, and why emotional conflict and toxicity drained their energy and compromised their human relationships.

Instructing them in stress reduction techniques, Dr. Sinatra cautioned people to heed the words of his mentor Dr. Robert Elliot. Dr. Elliot was a cardiologist and pioneer in psychophysiology testing for the heart. Elliot’s mantra was “whatever is stressing you out, it’s not worth dying for!” 

Since those workshop days of the 1980s and 1990s, Dr. Sinatra has been studying how the human body functions as a dynamic electrical circuit. He was fascinated to unravel what goes on when energy is received, generated, and transmitted on a cellular level.

Like a battery, the body’s energy charge must be maintained. He came to visualize heart failure as the result of a literally “energy-starved heart.”

Then, he started looking at other situations, such as cancer, in terms of cellular energy. After learning to see the body as electrically dynamic—no quantum leap when one is used to looking at the heart’s own electric potential on EKGs and cardiac monitors all day—he started wondering, “Could electrical frequencies from OUTSIDE the body affect it?” 

So exploring the new frontiers of science—radio frequencies, electromagnetic fields, “dirty electricity,” and wireless technologies—from his new metabolic cardiology perspective was a natural progression.

What will make this Kripalu workshop far and above the ones Dr. Sinatra did in past is that he will bring another decade plus of personal growth and observation along. You’ll even hear him discuss his concerns about wireless technologies, how they affect the heart and the rest of the body, and why he is suggesting that Wi-Fi may be the newest coronary risk factor: one that no one else has considered yet.

If you would like to join us, meet Dr. Sinatra, and hear his personal take on this new frontier in energy medicine, as well as learn ways to support your heart and body with nutritional and energetic interventions, you can get more details at on the Kripalu Web site.  

Space is limited. If you do attend, be sure to bring loose clothing for bioenergetics, yoga, and Thai Yoga dyads. You’ll also be gifted with three of Dr Sinatra’s books: Heartbreak and Heart Disease, Metabolic Cardiology, and Earthing. Hope to see you there!

REMINDER: You can also enter to win a free trip to Dr. Sinatra's Kripalu Weekend Workshop and Yoga Retreat on July 29-31, 2011.

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