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Vancouver Takes Electro-Pollution to Heart

I am so proud of Dr. Sinatra! He really “walks his talk” when it comes to sacrificing personal time—even on vacation with the kids!—to spread the word on health hazards that concern him.  And, as you know if you’ve been reading his Heart, Health & Nutrition newsletter the past few years, the health risks of modern technology are now at the top of his list.

After our friendly and informative luncheon with the folks from the Citizens for Safe Technology, Dr. Sinatra, Drew, and I  joined Dr. Terry Crofton—author of Radiation Rescue— to plan their upcoming evening lecture on the dangers of wireless technology.

The plan was simple: to inform people living in Vancouver, BC, about the reasons they should be concerned about toxic “radio frequency” in all it’s forms:

  • cell phones,
  • cordless home phones,
  • public Wifi, 
  • mast towers,  etc.

They also wanted to inform people about the health hazards radio frequencies present to current and future generations, including:

  • cardiac arrhythmias,
  • disturbed heart rate variability,
  • insomnia,
  • learning disabilities,
  • prematurity, and
  • sterility. 

They also made sure to include safe solutions as part of the presentation.

Dr. Crofton had carefully selected the location for the meeting—the beautiful St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church—because it is one of the few city structures there without WiFi technology.  You see, many attending the lecture would be environmentally sensitive and needed to be assured, in advance, that the lecture location would be “friendly” for them. (We even temporarily unplugged one wall-mounted cordless phone we found in an ante-chamber to be on the safe side.)

The lecture was a huge success, and was even covered by several Canadian prime time television reporters and their crews.

If you are not familiar with the topic of electropollution and the potential dangers of cell phones and “WiFi,” check out previous blogs on the subject.

And remember, if you are reading these blogs on your laptop, do NOT use it on your lap (near your abdominal organs), or have them plugged in while you are tethered to them. Just place them on a table or desk, and disconnect them from direct current for safer usage.

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