Heart-smart nutrients in Omega-3 SLIM supplements help to:

  • Reduce BMI
  • Burn calories and body fat
  • Boost energy and metabolism
  • Trim waistline
  • Lose weight all over

Pair it with any diet and exercise program—with no jittery feelings!

Did you know that even a few excess pounds can impact your heart, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and more?

That’s why I’ve always encouraged my patients to maintain a normal weight and waistline by living a healthy lifestyle. To help, I developed my Omega-3 SLIM® weight loss solutions that, along with a healthy lifestyle and exercise program, work to support your weight loss efforts AND your heart.

Plus, to address the different needs that men and women face regarding weight loss, try my stimulant-free Omega-3 SLIM EXTRA Men’s and Women’s formulas. Unlike other weight loss products, they target some of the distinct weight loss concerns men and women can face—energy and strength, stress, fluid balance, and more.

To learn more and shop all of my Omega-3 SLIM supplements, just see below!


Omega-3 SLIM Weight Loss Vitamin & Supplement

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Omega-3 SLIM

A heart healthy way to help increase your metabolism, reduce body mass index (BMI), and trim your waistline!
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Omega-3 SLIM EXTRA for Women

Heart healthy, targeted weight loss support for women increases metabolism, reduces body mass index (BMI), supports energy, balances fluids, and more!
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