Naturally Lower Blood Pressure with Hawthorn and Garlic

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Last Reviewed 02/17/2014

If you suffer with cardiovascular problems or suffer from chronic hypertension, you should know about hawthorn and garlic.  They’re both recommended for natural ACE inhibition. Research has shown that together they naturally interrupt the conversion of the hormone angio­tensin I to angiotensin II, without undesirable side effects.   In addition, they both naturally lower blood pressure.

How to Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you can manage it, take garlic in its natural state—one raw clove on a daily basis, crushed to activate its healing enzymes. Or toss crushed garlic into food for the last few minutes of cooking, but remember that anything more than lightly warming it will destroy its medicinal properties.

Supplemental garlic is somewhat controversial because nobody can say for sure which of its substances is most therapeutic for naturally lowering blood pressure. The prevailing theory amongst most doctors and holistic health practitioners is that “alli­cin potential” is the best measure of effectiveness, so if you’re going to take garlic supplements, look for one with high allicin potential and an enteric coating. Enzymatic Therapy’s Garlinase fulfills both requirements; it’s widely available in health-food stores.

I typically prescribe 500–1,500 mg/day of haw­thorn and 500–1,000 mg/day of garlic, both taken in divided doses.  

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