Many U.S. Doctors Flat Out Ignore Omega-3 Benefits

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Last Reviewed 08/14/2014

Many U.S. Doctors Flat Out Ignore Omega-3 Benefits
A few years back, I read a New York Times article about how most cardiologists fail to recommend omega-3 fatty acids to their patients. The gist of the article was how in Europe fish oil is a heart health mainstay, but not in America. In fact, many U.S. doctors flat out ignore the many omega-3 benefits.
I’ve been recommending omega-3s for nearly 20 years. It is one nutrient I regard as absolutely essential for heart health and overall health in general. That’s because the omega-3 benefits—including DHA and EPA—do so many great things in the body. 

Here are Some of the Many Omega-3 Benefits

  • Promote overall cardiovascular health and function
  • Support normal blood pressure
  • Help promote healthy blood vessels
  • Support circulation, blood flow, and blood viscosity
  • Support normal blood lipids
  • Promote cognitive health and memory function
  • Support eye health
  • Support healthy lung function
  • Promote bowel health

Wouldn’t you think every cardiologist would be interested in a supplement that creates those kinds of benefits without side effects? The Times article said that, in Europe, almost every patient with heart health concerns goes home with a recommendation to take omega-3s.

The Europeans have accepted the many omega-3 benefits because of the famous GISSI study conducted at multiple medical centers in Italy. The study showed huge heart health benefits from taking omega-3s. But in the U.S. many doctors still don’t tell patients about natural health boosters like omega-3s. 
Around the same time that the New York Times article was published, a medical journal reported on a survey taken among Washington State family physicians to determine the frequency with which they prescribed fish oil supplements. Fully 99 percent of them agreed on the importance of nutrition in promoting heart health, and 57 percent knew of fish oil’s effectiveness due to its omega-3 benefits. However, only 17 percent prescribed it to any significant degree!
What’s the bottom line for you? I highly recommend taking a good omega-3 supplement—preferably one that’s higher in DHA than EPA—so you get the maximum omega-3 benefits for your heart, brain, vision, and more. The best one I’ve found is Calamarine® which is an extract that comes from calamari which is rich in DHA. It’s what I’ve included in my Omega Q Plus formulas
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