Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally with Grounding

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Find out how grounding - walking barefoot to realign yourself with Earth's electrons - helps lower blood pressure naturally and bring about other health benefits, too.

As many of you know, one of my cardinal principles of good health is earthing, also known as grounding. I believe that by walking barefoot, you allow your body to draw in the Earth’s electrons and discharge harmful electro-pollution. The simple act of grounding yourself to the earth decreases inflammation, lowers stress, increases calmness, and helps to relieve pain.

But perhaps one of the most powerful benefits of grounding is how it helps reduce blood pressure. As many of you know, high blood pressure is caused by something called “hyperviscosity,” which means your blood is thick and sticky and moves slowly through your circulatory system. In other words, your blood is thick like ketchup, and that feeds the inflammation process that damages arteries, boosts blood pressure, and increases the risk of blood clots.

Instead of being like ketchup, you want your blood to flow like red wine, smoothly and easily. That’s where grounding comes in. By altering the electrical “charge” of your blood, earthing helps to improve its flow and viscosity, reducing blood pressure. It also lowers blood pressure naturally by discharging stress, which is another factor that can drive up blood pressure.

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Start Grounding to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Getting started with earthing to reduce blood pressure is easy. Here are some how-to tips:

  • Simply go barefoot outside if conditions allow. Just 40 minutes a day can make a difference.
  • Grass, sand, dirt, and concrete are all conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the Earth's electrons.
  • Wood and vinyl are not conductive surfaces.
  • If going barefoot outside isn't realistic, a warm basement with a concrete floor will also work. Simply sit there and read or just relax with your bare feet resting on the ground.
  • Sleep or relax on a specially-designed grounding device.

One note of caution: If you’re taking any medication related to blood viscosity—but especially Coumadin (warfarin)—you should first inform your doctor that you would like to try grounding. Then, working together carefully monitor your INR every week until the INR stabilizes. Your doctor can adjust your Coumadin dose accordingly. 

To find out more about earthing and earthing products, I recommend reading Earthing, the book I co-authored with Marty Zucker and Clint Ober, the person who discovered the health benefits of connecting with the Earth in the first place. 

Now it’s your turn: Have you tried grounding to lower your blood pressure naturally?

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