Lower Cholesterol by Reducing Stress

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra
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Last Reviewed 02/20/2014

Lower Cholesterol by Reducing Stress

Chronic uncontrolled stress is often an underlying and much overlooked cause of cardiovascular disease, including unhealthy cholesterol levels. Stress itself triggers depression, overeating, smoking and drinking in excess. It is also the leading cause of insomnia. And stress hormones promote arterial constriction, high blood pressure, increased heart rate and blood clotting and accelerated LDL cholesterol oxidation, which is considered a pivotal step in the development of heart disease.

Reducing Stress Key to Heart Health

This means that along with eating a cholesterol-lowering diet, taking targeted nutritional supplements, and participating in a regular exercise routine, you need to work on reducing stress levels in order to control your cholesterol levels. Luckily, reducing stress can be as easy as learning when you need to breathe more deeply, laugh more often or spend more time with your pet. Learn eight time-tested  techniques for reducing stress and help you achieve healthy cholesterol levels.

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