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by Dr. Stephen Sinatra
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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Dr. Sinatra and GloriaLEESBURG, Florida—Hi folks, I want to share an amazing experience I had at a health seminar I recently gave at Hain’s Creek Baptist Church. If you’ve ever wanted to know if taking my health advice, or taking nutrients like CoQ10, really work—meaning if the right health changes can improve (and lengthen) your life—this is a story you’ll definitely enjoy


I was there that day in Leesburg at the request of Pastor Reggie who knew me from Connecticut. He’d asked me to do a special session for people with some serious health problems. He advertised the Friday afternoon event as a “life altering seminar,” and his flyers proclaimed me to be “America’s Favorite Cardiologist.” There was even a slide with a glowing heart behind the podium welcoming me as a “doctor with a heart.”


There was incredible energy in that church as I got up to the address the audience. The attendees were of all ages, but mostly retired folks. Some had never heard of me before and others had been following my advice for decades.


But the biggest surprise of the day was one I, and my wife Jan who was there with me, never anticipated. Right there in the front right corner of the room was a contingency of my former patients from Connecticut. What a reunion that was!


Exuberantly, they came up during the break to tell us how they’re still taking CoQ10, following my advice, and enjoying life of sun and fun in Florida.


I’m talking about folks who’d had serious heart disease at the time they were diagnosed. There they were looking bright-eyed as bushytailed, tanned and happy with their lives; literally glowing and radiant! They knew they looked great—especially for some after the grim predictions they’d received from other doctors—and they’d driven there so I could see it for myself. In fact, 82-year-old Mr. Sullivan had ridden in on his Harley, with his wife on the back!


My wife and I were so moved to find them all doing so well. What a testimony to metabolic cardiology! I even got to see our dear friend Gloria (pictured with me, at right), a nurse who worked with us for years in the exercise stress lab and sometimes cardiac rehab. We hadn’t seen her in over a decade, but she looked the same. Thank you for coming everyone. You made my day!

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