Juicing Your Way to Optimum Health

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Last Reviewed 07/29/2015

No matter what time of year, seems like we are always looking to detox and to manage our weight! Through the winter months, I convince myself that weight management will be easier in the warm weather when I can work in the yard; walk about more freely without ice, snow, and storms to contend with; enjoy longer days and more light and natural vitamin D; and so on.

Then, from my midsummer night’s dream I awaken to realize that longer days mean the joy of more social activities; more meals out with family and friends; more grab ‘n go food on our jaunts to be out of doors more; and on it goes.

This summer, Dr. Sinatra and I were mindful to create healthy, farm stand meals at home to balance dining out during vacation and business trips. And we added daily juicing to offset our dietary indiscretions.

Dr. Sinatra’s sister, Dr. Maria Seidel, got us jumpstarted. She stayed with us after taking her nursing students to Costa Rica. There, her local hosts made her fresh juice from their organically grown gardens every morning for three weeks. Maria came home feeling like a million bucks, and juiced us every morning of her visit. Now, we are all hooked!  

Instead of an occasional juice meal to detox, Dr. Sinatra and I have made juicing a regular breakfast ritual. In fact, we both feel so much better physically and mentally that we got motivated to maintain the “habit” even when we are on the road. If we feel we have overindulged, we compensate by juicing for dinner as well.  All those live enzymes are nature’s way of cleansing and restoring your GI tract, nurturing all the cells in your body, and boosting your immune system, as well as your overall energy.

Traveling in your own car with a cooler is the easiest way to maintain a juicy life. You can pack some organic fruits and veggies to juice along with your Vitamix, Cuisinart blender/food processor, or juicer. We actually find the Vitamix and Cusinart less messy, easier to clean, AND you don’t lose all the nutrients in the pulp strained and discarded in traditional juicers. The juice is more of a textural experience as well, which we enjoy—and there’s more fiber included to boot.

When staying in hotels, we looked for those with a kitchen set up or a counter with an available electrical outlet. If we can find a Jamba-juice kind of place when we travel by air, that’s a big plus too!

There are plenty of juice recipes out there to get you started if you are new at it, but feel free to be creative and have fun too! Pick the ingredients you like to eat. Dr. Sinatra’s favorite is to combine leafy greens with fresh fruit, beets, and a splash of ginger.

Here is one if his favorites. Combine one or all from each category:

  • Berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
  • Other fruit: apple, banana, kiwi (no citrus)
  • Vegetable: Beets are our breakfast favorite (but mixed veggie juices are great for lunch and dinner) 
  • Ginger: skin and add fresh ginger to taste
  • Greens: Swiss chard, baby spinach, parsley, kale, broccolini
  • Add water or ice to get consistency for easy pouring

To prepare:

  1. Just wash and cut fresh, hopefully organic, produce in chunks.
  2. To liquefy in blender/processor, we use “chop” setting, then use food processor setting to make finer. If you use juicer, just turn it on.
  3. Enjoy.

Note: These juices don’t keep long or store well, so make just enough for your meal.

For more great recipes and other cardiovascular nutrition tips, visit Dr. Sinatra’s Web site.

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