Israel Issues a New Warning About Cell Phone Dangers

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As many of you know, I’ve long been concerned about the dangers of cell phone radiation. Many of these dangers have been swept under the carpet in our country, driven by the media spin of the telecommunications industry.

While all the science is yet to be tallied, the early research findings were significant for Israel to take action. The Israeli parliament has given blanket approval to a bill requiring cell phones there to bear the following health alert: “Warning—the Health Ministry cautions that heavy use and carrying the device next to the body may increase the risk of cancer, especially among children.” Cell phone advertising targeted to children will also be banned.

As I’ve reported to you before, carrying a cell phone on your body or using it in direct contact with your head is especially risky business! Growing children whose cells are dividing at much faster rates than adults are especially vulnerable to cell phone radiation.

I commend the Israeli government—and other governments like Canada, Korea, Sweden, Austria and France to mention a few—for erring on the side of caution while we get more data.  Hopefully, our own country which has failed to take any stance so far will finally follow their pro-active lead. Individual cities like San Francisco have made position statements.  I urge our legislators to do the same. 

What’s the bottom line for you? I’ve said it before but it definitely bears repeating. The best way to protect yourself is to put your cell phone on a speaker and move the phone away from your body. Plus, you never—let me repeat never—want to give a cell phone to a child because their bodies are even more susceptible to the radiation. In the Soviet Union, children under 18 aren’t even allowed to use a cellular phone.

Now It’s Your Turn: Do you protect yourself against cell phone radiation and educate your children to do the same?

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