Finally! Fast, nutritious gourmet meals you can enjoy on the go

St Dalfour Gourmet To Go Gourmet (Sampler Kit-36 cans)

Item# ZML68
1 Bottle

“Great tasting” and “good for you” no longer require any effort—you can have delicious, satisfying, all-natural meals in less than a minute.

If you shop in gourmet food stores, you may know about a company called St. Dalfour. They’re internationally acclaimed for delicious, high-quality fruit spreads, organic teas, and herb-infused olive oils. Now they’ve used their expertise and passion for pure, all-natural foods to create Gourmet on the Go ready to eat anywhere meals.
These convenient meals are a true culinary breakthrough. It’s not just because each meal contains a wonderful array of natural ingredients, seasoned to perfection. It’s also because they come in state-of-the-art packaging.
St. Dalfour pioneered the development of their exclusive “Optimal Food Process,” where fresh ingredients are packed under a very strong vacuum seal. This special seal naturally preserves all the wholesome goodness of the food for over two years and eliminates the need for any artificial preservatives.
This exciting process isn’t just a whole new way to extend the life of fresh foods; it tastes better, too. Because the Optimal Food Process doesn’t use chemicals and doesn’t alter nutrients the way freezing or canning might, the natural ingredients in each Gourmet on the Go meal have the same crisp textures, rich colors, and fresh, hardy flavor as the day they were harvested.
St. Dalfour’s master culinary skills shine through in each Gourmet on the Go meal. Every ingredient is all natural, stringently sourced, and carefully handled to ensure the freshest taste and texture.
These ingredients are combined to create unique, satisfying meals that are seasoned just right with flavorful herbs and spices from around the world.
Enjoy six different varieties: Wild Alaskan Salmon with Vegetables, Tuna & Pasta, Pasta & Vegetables, Whole Grain with Beans, Three Beans with Sweetcorn, and Couscous. All are inspired by traditional French recipes. Taste them and you’ll see why the European reputation for fine food is so well deserved.
Try these convenient meals. They’re a tasty, satisfying, one-of-a- kind solution to the challenge of eating healthy in a hectic world.