World’s first stainless steel flip-top water filter bottle

Fill2Pure Water Bottle with Replacement Filter Cartridge

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For years, the doctors at Healthy Directions have recommended distillation as the best water purification method. But while distillation is great at home, you need to make sure your drinking water is pure and safe, everywhere you go. That’s why they highly recommend you carry a stainless steel water bottle with its own filter.
The Fill2Pure (formerly known as Seychelle) is the first stainless steel filtered water bottle. It uses a special process called “Ionic Adsorption Micro Filtration” (IAMF). Simply put, it’s a high-tech porous plastic infused with a fine coconut carbon. They chose coconut carbon for its superior level of hardness and its longer life expectancy.
Unlike some other filters, this filter gives you extremely safe, great-tasting water. The carbon in this filter is alternately stacked to form layer upon layer of protection. The holes the water travels through are just 2-microns in size. That’s literally microscopic. As the water makes its way through these honeycomb-like layers, the carbon actually grabs the contaminants onto the filter’s surface. The only thing that reaches the straw is pure, clean water.
This exclusive filtration system has even been awarded the Water Quality Association’s “Gold Seal,” which is an extremely high honor. It means that the filter excelled in three areas: contaminant reduction performance, construction quality, and the safety of the materials used.
Most importantly, this technology means up to 99.99% contamination reduction. Specifically, tests showed almost 100% removal of chlorine, sediment, chemicals, and heavy metals. And, even more important, the tests showed that harmful waterborne cysts and spores, such as giardia and cryptosporidium, have also been eliminated up to 99.99%. Plus, the filter was tested for the removal of over 27 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
These results are fantastic! They’re proof that the water that comes through the Fill2Pure filter is pure and safe. Plus it has a crisp, refreshing taste with no odors or stale chemical taste. What’s so amazing is that it all happens right there in your portable water bottle. 
At first glance, the Fill2Pure Stainless Steel Water Bottle may remind you of other stainless steel water bottles you’ve seen. It’s a 27-ounce stainless steel bottle. But that’s where the resemblance ends.
Instead of the usual pop-up top found on regular water bottles, the Fill2Pure has a sturdy straw, which keeps you from swallowing unwanted air when you drink. The straw is concealed under a unique flip top that helps keep it free of dust and other contaminants. Plus, this means no spills—you can safely carry the full bottle in your gym bag, purse, or golf bag.
This particular bottle also comes with a sturdy strap and carabiner clip for hands-free convenience. You can clip the bottle to your purse, the belt loop of your trousers, a backpack, or your work or gym bag. These valuable details were added to make it easy for you to have clean, safe water wherever you go from any source except salt water.
The Fill2Pure Stainless Steel Water Bottle is the easiest way to guarantee that you’re getting clean, pure drinking water everywhere you go. Plus, it’s economical and environmentally friendly!