Fish Oil: The Perfect Nutraceutical

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There are mounds and mounds of evidence to support the value of fish oil, especially as it pertains to its ability to help rid the body of excess plaque and inflammation (which can lead to serious cardiovascular problems.)

Consider The Gruppo Italiano per lo Studio della Sopravvivenza nell‘Infarto miocardico’ (GISSI) trial which followed, for three and one-half years, over 11,000 Italians who had suffered heart attacks. Those taking one gram of fish oil daily, in supplement form, showed a 45-percent reduction in the risk of sudden cardiac death—along with a 20-percent reduction in other causes of death, including cancer.

Other studies indicate that fish oil can penetrate plaque within three days and make it less susceptible to rupture. Fish oil also has a soothing and nurturing action on heart rate variability, meaning it can fight off arrhythmia. For these reasons, I include fish oil in my daily regimen.

More good news is that if you take aspirin, you don’t need to worry about using these two agents together as long as both are being consumed within safe ranges. (Keep daily doses below 10 grams of fish oil and 325 mg of aspirin.)

Most people who use it take one-half to three grams of fish oil a day. At this dosage you don’t have to worry about taking either aspirin or Coumadin (warfarin), as long as your doctor or holistic health practitioner knows and will work with you to modify your dosage. Don’t take ginkgo with aspirin.

Folks, anyone with any cardiovascular problems should absolutely take fish oil; healthy people should also take it as a preventive measure.

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