The Best CoQ10 Supplement to Take

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Last Reviewed 08/14/2014

The Best CoQ10 Supplement to Take

Years ago when I first learned about coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), few doctors had heard of it. Now, I couldn’t imagine practicing cardiology without it.

That’s because CoQ10 is the “spark” that fuels energy production inside every single cell—including your heart, which is the biggest energy user in your body. But as we age, our bodies’ natural CoQ10 production declines. Plus, statin (cholesterol) medications can deplete your body’s CoQ10 supply even further. So, I feel very strongly that everyone should take a CoQ10 supplement every day.

What is the Best CoQ10 Supplement Form to Take?

I’m asked that question quite often. There are two forms of CoQ10, ubiquinone and ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the form your body makes naturally. So, advertisers have capitalized on that fact, saying that it’s the easier form for your body to use and absorb. Not surprisingly, it’s also the more expensive form of CoQ10. But as a cardiologist who has been studying and using CoQ10 for 30 years, I have yet to see solid evidence to back up the claim that the pricier ubiquinol form is better. Through my research and clinical experience I’ve found that ubiquinone gives you the same benefits at a much lower cost. 

What’s more important is to make sure you’re choosing a highly available form of CoQ10. The best CoQ10 supplement I’ve found, and take myself is Hydro Q-Sorb® which I have included in my Omega Q Plus formula.

The scientific research has shown that Hydro Q-Sorb is eight times better absorbed than ordinary powdered CoQ10. So when you take 50 mg of Hydro Q-Sorb, it’s like getting 400 mg of ordinary CoQ10. 

How Much CoQ10 Supplement Should You Take? 

I recommend a minimum daily dose of 50 to 100 mg of CoQ10 supplement. If you’re over 60 or on a statin drug, I recommend taking 100 to 200 mg daily. I also suggest dividing the dosages, taking half of your daily CoQ10 in the morning and the rest in the afternoon. That’s because when CoQ10 is taken twice a day, as opposed to one, the blood levels remain higher throughout the day.

When your CoQ10 levels are where they should be, not only does your heart, brain and entire body benefit—you’ll also feel it in your energy level. In fact, I’ve had patients tell me that the “energy shortage” they chalked up to aging actually came back once they increased their CoQ10 intake. It was that noticeable!

Now it’s your turn: Do you take a CoQ10 supplement?

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