6 Holiday Gifts to Avoid or Use with Caution

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6 Holiday Gifts to Avoid or Use with Caution

Those of you who have been with me for a while know how concerned I am about electromagnetic radiation (EMRs). This colorless, odorless electro-pollution is all around us, in fact we’re living in a sea of invisible EMRs. At the holidays, the problem only gets worse and manufacturers introduce even more wireless devices.

Here are six items you either want to keep off your holiday shopping list, or at least use with caution:

1. Video game systems. Wireless video game systems emit dangerous EMRs, even when the units are turned off. If you do choose to use Wi-Fi gaming systems, or buy them for children, make sure they’re unplugged when not in use to minimize EMR exposure.

2. Wireless laptop computers and hand-held devices. Using wifi exposes you to EMRs. Instead of using wifi, plug your laptop into a wired internet connection. The same goes for wireless baby monitors—you want to use wired monitors instead.

3. Cell phones. This year, a panel of from the World Health Organization (WHO) released their findings that the microwave-type radiation from cell phones  increases the long-term risk of developing brain tumors. This is huge and very important news—and confirms something I’ve been saying for years, that EMRs from cell phones are a danger.

If you buy a cell phone, skip the blue tooth device. Instead, buy a headset with rubber tubing which limits your EMR exposure. If you gift a cell phone to a child, teach them safe usage. Encourage them to text and use the speaker phone which limits their radiation exposure, and to carry their cell phone away from their body, such as in a backpack. It's also smart to use "airplane mode" as much as possible, and to use the cell phone only when necessary.

4. Microwave ovens. I’m often asked if microwave ovens are okay to use. My short answer is no, in fact I shun them because of the EMRs they emit. On numerous occasions over the years, I’ve checked other people’s microwaves for leaks by using an inexpensive, handheld radiation meter. I get the same result every time: the meter goes wild. That's why no matter what the FDA says, it’s impossible for me to watch the meter and believe we're safe. I prefer conventional stovetop cooking instead.

5. Cordless phones. Cordless phone bases are constantly emitting EMRs, even when they’re not in use. It’s like having a cell phone tower in your own home. You want to choose corded phones instead.

6. Electronic toys. Don't be fooled by slick toy marketing. Cell phone guidelines for safe use are based on a guidelines written for a 250 pound man with a big head. We know that our kids' heads absorb twice as much microwave radiation as any adult. Babies and toddlers are even more vulnerable. So, that colorful, educational-looking baby toy that contains a wifi device may be weakening your baby's protective brain barrier.

Also, if you allow your child to play games on devices like your cell phones and iPads, put them into airplane mode when you do. Plus, if you must use your cell phone to transmit, avoid doing that in close proximity to your children or grandchildren, like in the car where their developing bodies can get zapped with radiation.

Now it’s your turn: Do you avoid putting these devices on your holiday list?

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