Cordless Phones: New Heart Risk Factor?

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Dr. Magda Havas’ provocation study on cordless phones and heart cordless phones: new heart risk factor?rate variability is a landmark finding in that it is the first to objectively and measurably show that the cardiovascular system DOES, indeed, respond to wireless EMF exposure.

Just think how many of us still sleep within a couple of feet (or less!) of a cordless phone! And then there’s the one in the kitchen, the kids' playroom, on your office desk next to your wireless router, and so on and so on.

Now, 2.41 GHz—the level that “provoked” cardiac abnormalities in the study group—is also the same frequency as many wireless routers and other Wi-Fi devices we all live with every day.

Cordless phone handsets only emit EMF when transmitting or receiving. While not continuous, it is often enough to be a concern, especially if you are holding them next to your head. 

But cordless phone bases are emitting constantly when connected to electric outlets.  So, the bottom line for you is this: if you or anyone you love has a cardiac arrhythmia—or any medical condition for that matter—you’d be wise to look at your EMF exposure and consider eliminating, or at least reducing it, to see if your arrhythmia (or condition) might lessen or even disappear.

If you are interested, you can read a bit of Dr. Havas’ formal paper on her Web site.

If you like videos, you can see Dr. Havas present her research, hear me discuss the dangers of cordless phones, and get another chance to see Carolyn Jarvis interview both me and Dr. Havas on Canada’s “16:9 The Bigger Picture” show.


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