The Dangers of Wireless Electromagnetic Fields

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The Dangers of Wireless Electromagnetic Fields

Note: This blog was written by Jan Sinatra, an advanced practice registered nurse and wife of Dr. Stephen Sinatra. 

At the top of my bedside to-be-read pile sat A Wellness Guide for the Digital Age by Kelly Crofton—that is, it would have been sitting there if Dr. Sinatra had not wandered off with it again to a cozy corner of the house! 

Now that I have read it, I better understand why Dr. Sinatra just couldn’t put it down.

As you know Dr. Sinatra is really BIG on getting the word out to people about the dangers of wireless technologies, electromagnetic fields (EMF), and any form of electropollution. He is convinced that electrosensitivity is a legitimate condition for some people.  

As the book promises, it is “a wireless wake-up call with solutions.” Now in its third edition, Wireless Radiation Rescue is embellished with the Mom’s Choice Award for the straightforward and practical way it educates readers in the safer us of many technologies.

Beware of Electromagnetic Fields From These Technologies

  • Cell phones           
  • Headsets                
  • Cordless phones
  • Hand-held PDAs           
  • Internet access           
  • Laptop computers
  • Computer screens           
  • Baby monitors           
  • Video gaming
  • Microwave ovens           
  • Fluorescent lights       
  • Diagnostic X-rays
  • Wi-fi               
  • Electric/hybrid cars                     

Kerry Crofton holds a Ph.D. in health psychology and authored an earlier book about her experience working with heart patients titled The Healthy Type A: Good News for Go-Getters. But Kerry did not set out to write this new book. 

Like many moms, she was just questioning the safety of some of the technology in her own home—and at the kids’ school. Each time she researched one area of concern, she found more information was needed. Then there was an action plan that needed to be followed. 

Now she is transforming her quest for solutions to keep her home environment and her community safer for her children into a resource for all parents concerned about electromagnetic fields. In addition to explaining her search, Terry interviewed 23 visionaries in their fields of medicine, science, electronics, engineering and the environment—most of them M.D.s and Ph.D.s who share their expertise, their observations and their research findings. One of them was Dr. Sinatra, who addresses how these technologies and their electromagnetic fields can contribute to certain heart risk factors, including disturbed heart rate variability and provocation of cardiac arrhythmias.
So, if you want a page turner that will also inform you about invisible health risks you should know about—as well as simple, straightforward solutions that anyone can initiate—this book is a must read for you! Because what you can’t see CAN hurt you—and more emphatically, your kids.

To make our own family more aware of electromagnetic fields, Dr. Sinatra bought a copy for each of the homes of each of our six children. And we hope they share them with their friends!

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