Stress is a Killer

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Stress is a Killer

How you handle stress can be a matter of life and death because when you get fired up emotionally, anything can happen.

You see, your feelings can light a fuse inside your body that causes an immediate and deadly explosion. Both heart attacks and strokes can be the result of excess stress and stress also can trigger a cascade of harmful chemical changes that become deadly over time. Before you know it, you could be dealing with a host of health concerns, most likely to include cardiovascular problems, and you won’t know why.

This serious heart risk factor was driven home for me when I was 13 years old and my paternal grandmother died from a massive stroke. I remember asking my father what had caused her stroke. He explained that the oil burner in my grandmother’s house had started smoking and she became emotionally upset about it. Within a few minutes she became confused. Then she collapsed to the floor.

The same thing can happen to us if we don’t deal with stressors effectively. But if you can recognize your emotional issues and deal with them, you’ll become less prone to angina, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, and stroke.

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