Q&A: Overactive Thyroid and Your Heart

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I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, which has apparently led to a heart problem. What's the connection?


I have seen an overactive thyroid generate heart failure-type symptoms, mostly with women who developed a thyroid tumor or some thyroid-related auto-immune condition such as Grave's disease. An overactive thyroid speeds the metabolic rate in the body. The heart rate and blood pressure increase. In a state of metabolic overdrive, the mitochondria have to work much harder to keep up, and in doing so they can drain the body of its CoQ10 supply. Heart tissue is the body's largest consumer of CoQ10 because heart cells require so much energy to support 24/7 pumping. So when the body's CoQ10 supply ebbs, heart health will suffer.

There are plenty of other situations that steal CoQ10 and can cause heart problems. These include chronic periodontal disease, the use of pharmaceutical drugs (such as statins), and a poor diet. The natural aging process also reduces your production of CoQ10.

To maintain heart health, I suggest supplementing with 50–100 mg of CoQ10 per day. Individuals with high blood pressure or who are taking a statin drug should take 180–360 mg per day. And those needing additional support should take 300–600 mg per day. For best absorption, I recommend supplementing with the hydrosoluble form of CoQ10, and taking it with meals.

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